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Save metainformation on the installation location

Show that on when detecting the installation is already there.
parent c8ae04c5
......@@ -81,8 +81,12 @@ setup_tinytex() { # InstallLocation Force?
# "$tlmgr" --repository "" install tlgpg
echo "=> Add symlinks to '$il_bin'"
"$tlmgr" path add
echo "=> Mark virtualtex installation"
echo "VERSION=$VIRTUALTEX_VERSION" >"$il_texlive/virtualtex"
echo "=> Mark virtualatex installation"
echo "VERSION=$VIRTUALTEX_VERSION" >"$il_texlive/virtualatex"
echo "TEXLIVE_VERSION=$texlive_version"
) >"$il/lib/virtualatex.conf"
# Remove detritus
popd 2>/dev/null
......@@ -123,6 +127,11 @@ install_location="${1:-$install_location}"
if [ -e "$install_location" ]; then
if test -d "$install_location"; then
echo "Existing Location: $install_location" >&2
if test -f "$virtualatex_marker"; then
echo "Existing virtualatex installation" >&2
sed 's@^@| @' <"$virtualatex_marker" >&2
if [ "$overwrite" == "no" ]; then
exit 1
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